Ambassador Program

Welcome to our Ambassador Program page. This page is NOT FOR BUSINESSES! This program is NOT for people that just want free products. This program is NOT for people that won’t actually put effort. We LOVE our ambassadors! We have done multiple programs trying to get this program just right. This program has structure, expectations, & rewards. This program is for advocates that really believe in helping others realize their self worth and the brand’s goal. The job of our ambassadors is to help grow our Instagram following & help make more sales while giving them some "walk-around money". Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to working with you!👑 MAKE SURE YOU READ THE "EXPECTATIONS & INCENTIVES". Below is the most our top ambassador made in a month. After you sign up, dm @justjkingbrand this emoji "👑".

Top 2019 Ambassador Monthly Cashout: $523.69 

Top 2018 Ambassador Monthly Cashout: $311.54


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