Live off Laughter


To laugh at life's obstacles and empower goal driven kings and queens.


From a young age, I always wanted to bring joy to people's faces because I'm always happy and confident. I'm the kind of guy that cracks jokes in uncomfortable situations to try to make others feel better. In high school, I took graphic design classes. One day, the assignment was to make a logo that represents myself. Class ended and I didn't want my design to go to waste so I printed the logo on shirts and me & my family tried to sell it at Kings Dominion. We sold a couple shirts before we got kicked out. I took a 2 year break and focused on starting college. I started again in 2017. As of now we have over 12,000 followers between Facebook and Instagram and shipped hundreds of orders around the USA


Throughout the years we had a few influencers reppin' our brand such as G Wayne, Barry Brewer, and Destiny Dove from YouTube. We had a couple IG influencers like The Funny Bombshell, King Rackbar, and Camyonce rocking our shirts. You can find them rocking one of our hats or shirts in their videos every once in awhile. We're ridiculously grateful to have the support of so many icons from around the country.


Since our customers are all around the US, we sell primarily through our website to make the brand accessible to everyone. 
We've shipped to kings and queens in over 200 cities and towns in the USA. 
Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $35.
Just JKing is pronounced "Just Jay King". JKing is a pun. Jk means just kidding but sometimes, rarely, people say jking when they mean jk. Then the King part which is the obvious part, royalty👑
Lisa John

King JJ

CEO/CMO/CFO/Fashion Design