Are we black owned?

It's not really a "we", it's a one man show over here. But yes I am black and I own this business.

Why are your products so expensive?

I love this question! Now are you questioning price or value? Think about that and drop below to what fits you. 


If you are questioning price, it's fine. We have some cheaper options for our lovely loyal customers that just happen to be on a budget and can't really afford our more exclusive premium options. If you follow our instagram @justjkingbrand and/or subscribe to our email newsletter, you will become aware of our sales, discounts, and giveaways


If you are questioning value, I want you to answer these questions for me. Why do you think we are in the top 10% of millions of August 2017 launched retail stores? Clothing has a psychological power which causes people to ‘embody’ the clothing and its symbolic meaning. Our high quality clothing represents confidence & royalty and are only sold exclusively online. The colors don't fade just like your self-worth shouldn't fade.

Why do you think our past customers return for more? The clothes you wear will change the way other people interact with you. It will subconsciously tell them if you’re like them or if you’re different. It will determine whether they listen or ignore. Trust or distrust. Like it or not, your clothes and presentation communicate volumes about you as a person. The question is not whether you care enough to support, I'll be fine. It's more about what you want to communicate intentionally or unconsciously through what you wear. If I can bring you all this value and confidence for the rest of your LIFE, does it matter how much I charge today?


How long is processing time?

Average processing/fulfillment time is about 4 business days.

Do we ship internationally?

Yes, we do. We offer first class shipping to all international customers. International orders it may take about 5 business days shipping to you after fulfillment. Just JKing isn't responsible for any customs charges!

How long is shipping?

  • Overnight: next day delivery in the US
  • Express: 1-3 business days after fulfillment in the US, Canada, and internationally
  • Standard: 3-5 business days after fulfillment in the US and internationally, 3-6 days after fulfillment in Canada

All items are made to order. You have several shipping options to choose from - they can range from within 1-8 business days depending on the courier and level of service you select. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Also, orders cannot be canceled.

How much is shipping?

We do not use the tacky $5, $10 flat rate shipping rule. Instead, we use live shipping rates. Live shipping rates are the cheapest prices from USPS based on weight & destination so it may vary depending on how much you order and where you live. You will receive the cheapest price possible at checkout. However, luxury shirts and jewelry have free shipping. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for stolen packages, in the event your package is lost or stolen you have to file a claim with USPS. Please make sure you enter the correct address when making a purchase. If your order is returned due to an undeliverable address, you will be held responsible for return shipping.