Royal Story

Oh so you "Curious Curious"!! Well lets get to it... My name is JJ and I am the owner of JKing. I started in August of 2017. JKing is a black owned business based in Maryland and we have pop up shops in Delaware due to the fact that I go to Delaware State University, an HBCU. Lets get this out the way... It is pronounced "Jay King" not "Jay Kaying". JKing is a pun. As you know, Jk means just kidding but sometimes, rarely, people say jking when they mean jk. Then the "King" part which is the obvious part, royalty. I believe we are all kings and queens; therefore, we should not go through life with a facade of what society wants and expects us to be.  My goal is to promote confidence and embrace flaws while living life, laughing and having fun. I want to push living life laughing, joking, enjoying life despite the circumstances WHILE we grind to the top as royalty. I believe that you can be a king and clown at the same time. As we get older some of us lose sight of what's important; being happy and being true to yourself. Life is too short to be serious all the time. We might as well have fun while we reach for our dreams 

All our apparel is super soft and comfortable. Also, it is pre-shrunk & made with vivid colors that never fade. Go get you some apparel playa, or should I say JPlaya 😜



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