• Delaware State University ITB Entrepreneur

    Zakiyah Burno - On the campus of Delaware State University, there are multiple young as well as promising entrepreneurs on the rise. Jabbar Hussie Jr. is one of these students. His primary goal is to promote confidence and embrace flaws while laughing, having fun, and enjoying life despite the circumstances as we grind to the top as royalty.
  • Delaware State University Entrepreneur Interview

    I, Miela Nichy, chose to interview Jabbar because I’d gotten to know him over the summer and have experienced the quality of his business, purchasing his clothing as well as promoting his business. I felt that he really cares about his customers and the quality of his clothes and the value of his business. I also like that he has decided to start as an entrepreneur early on in life so he can learn from his mistakes, but also that he is able to balance his business and school.