The Truth: Cockiness VS Confidence

the truth confidence vs cockiness

You know… cocky people are actually pathological liars.

They brag about things they don't have and flaunt what they do if they get caught in that lie. Cocky people compare themselves to others to make themselves look better so they get what they want. 

  For the ladies, you know that guy you talked to cause he said his head game is A1, he's “all  about giving pleasure to the woman he's with”, his stroke is immaculate blah blah blah? He lost his virginity 2 years ago and hasnt gotten laid since. That's why he was sooooo disappointing (if you fell for it, I know I did with my dumbass).

 And guys, you know that woman that was talkin mad shit about how she’ll pull out the two hand twist deepthroat combo 3000 and ride yo shit like she runnin from the police but when it came down to it she was either lame or not bout it? Her friend told her to say that cause she hasn’t gotten any since her ex. Or your breath stinks.

 You even got people lying their way in a relationship saying they’ll treat you better than your ex when they just want free food and endless attention. Cocky leads to toxicity in a heartbeat because people that are cocky lie their way into your lives with false promises.

 the truth confidence vs cockiness

Now confidence is the complete opposite.

A confident person believes in themselves AND has the skills to back themselves up if need be. Confidence is like a superpower that's hard to come by. There’s something about a confident person that draws people in. Women are attracted to confident guys. Men are attracted to confident women. Employers love confident people. 

Now for the scenarios before, if the guy who bragged about his game was confident, he wouldn't have to brag. Actions speak louder than words. If sis doubted him he would have said "ok bet i'll prove you wrong". And your world would have been rocked.

If the girl who said she was gonna lick you up and down till you say stop was confident, she would've done the same thing if you doubted her.

Confident people don't need to constantly tell a person their abilities because they know within themselves they have it. Cocky people keep saying they have this thing over and over because they don't believe it themselves. Just because someone says something over and over doesn't mean it's true.

Confidence over cockiness. Please do better. If you really are insecure and have to keep telling yourself you’re something you're not, you got some inner reconstruction to do. Seriously, you’ll be better equipped for life in general.

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Things you could do to build your confidence are simple and easy. You can do a daily affirmation to remind yourself you are strong and can get through anything thrown your way. You can question your inner critic and tell it to shut up because you are enough. Lastly and most importantly, you can care for yourself. Self-care is the best form of self-love. If you love someone you care for them so do the same for yourself.

That's all for now. I'm thinking next week should be about coping with stress or healthy boundaries in your life. Y'all can choose which one in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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