The Quintessential Quarantiner's Survival Guide

The Quintessential Quarantiner's Survival Guide Edition 1 Extroverts

The more popularized characteristics of extraversion are assertiveness, enthusiasm, optimism, and an outgoing nature. The lesser known characteristic is that extroverts are energized by high levels of social interaction. We know it can be frustrating to try to navigate one's way through the current state of affairs. Here are a few helpful tips for the struggling social butterfly:

Address Social Thirst in a Proper Way

I understand that, for someone with a high gravitation towards sociability, it can be tempting to spend one's every waking moment (and all the time in between) on instagramming, tweeting, and the booking of faces. I would strongly advise against this inclination to attempt to substitute virtual social interaction for physical ones; this can lead to unhealthy attachments that last even after this confinement. Instead, get in touch with family and friends (no, this doesn't include that one boomerang ex of yours). Now is the chance to call the great-Aunt whose thanksgiving meals you've been skipping out on. To keep up your sociability, make a YouTube channel or start a podcast. Set a time and date to get friends together on a videochat and go "out" to lunch. You should wear this :) 


Keep Up That Natural Energy Level

Extroverts tend to be naturally high in energy but can feel drained after staring at the same outdated wallpaper with not end in sight. There are readily accessible at home workout programs and videos to follow online. Recharge by getting your sweat on. Release yourself through artistic expression. Turn up that 90s hip-hop playlist and dance it all out. Host a small-scale karaoke night. Cook yourself a four-course meal-- even if it's just pancakes, toast, cereal, and brownies (I know food is a little hard to shop for given the quarantine orders). Host a fashion week and put some outfits together for your first day out. Draw something and colour it in preschool style.

Temet Nosce

My Bujo Self-Discovery LogThis statement is Latin for "know thyself." Yes, I too went through a tattoo ideas phase. It is important for extroverts to get to know the person that they'll be spending most of their time with: YOU. It is much easier to calm restlessness if you are comfortable with the silences that are sure to bubble up over the next few weeks. I would suggest keeping a fun self-discovery log to record each personal revelation. I marked the day and the lesson and will be adding on as time passes. 

Not much of a writer? That's fine. Try an online personality quiz. I would suggest Buzzfeed's "What Movie Should You Watch Tonight Based on Your Personality." Participants have the chance to win a (probably) accurate movie recommendation to pass the time while learning small nuggets about themselves-- all from the comfort of their own brownie-crumb-covered bed. It's a win-win-win.

Go for Fresh Air

That wallpaper has been in the room for over two years now. I can understand your frustration. Unless you are verified ill, going outside is virtually harmless (as long as it's during the day and away from crowds). Go out on the steps, porch, veranda, or balcony. Take a walk. Just do so with all necessary precautions: wash your hands immediately upon returning, wear a mask if you suspect that you may be ill, avoid touching anything.

Surviving covid-19 coping with confinement for extroverts

Take Your Time... But Not Too Much

We get it, extrovert. It can be overwhelming to combine your social nature with confinement that does not appear to be time-bound. Cut yourself some slack-- chances are that you have never done this before. We're all a little new to this. It may seem like the Golden Age for introverts right now, but you'll be back to your large crowds in no time.  It's alright to be sad about the cancelled parties, trips, graduations, or events. It's alright to be a little anxious about the future when all your plans have been cancelled on your behalf. Just don't wallow too deep. Take a break and process this unprecedented moment in history; then go ahead and get your life together for me. Hang in there, extrovert.


Meet the Writer Keren Happuch Keren is a 19 year old Biology major at Delaware State University, from Nigeria, who juggles her love of the sciences with passion for writing





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