Staying Alive Inside

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Say it with me. Quarantine life is not pressing pause on a fulfilling life. The United States has once again proven that they cannot take themselves seriously. We were given a false idea of social distancing for thirty days only to be “shocked” that an additional thirty days will be needed. Are we really surprised? Now I’ll be honest I just got laid off last week, but my lifestyle is pretty close to being quarantined. It usually consists of class, work hours, and dragging myself back to my dorm room. I could still go out every blue moon, but the difference now is that there is no option to. You could say that I was an ambivert my freshman year of college. Here are some tips I advise for my extroverts because let’s be real introverts are not very concerned

Knowledge is Power

Educate yourself first. I understand that everyone is feeling as if these extra precautions are “unnecessary”.  For example, N-95 masks or any masks do not 100% protect you from microbes or droplets. However, if these masks are used properly (touching by the string and removing once it’s moist) then you are less likely to come in contact or at least not touch your face. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that COVID-19 is not airborne so masks aren’t needed. Masks have other benefits for those more sensitive to the virus. Including those who are in close contact with other people on public transportation. Yes I’m looking at the New York subway that is still packed to this day. These medical masks are also needed by health professionals so I suggest donating them if you choose to just stay inside.staying alive inside Quarantine will not stop you from experiencing a fulfilling life
WHO recommends to wipe down your surfaces you regularly touch and stay at least one meter away from others. Wash your hands frequently then avoid touching areas on your face. (May be useful for young children) The spread of misinformation is always said to be the “death” of us in every situation. I promise you that you will feel more motivated to do your part after reviewing the progress of these precautions. Please be responsible by taking the time to do your research. A lot of us still have to go outside to work, and the resources are there to protect yourself. I feel very fortunate that my job offered me and another employee with free masks since we would not be following the social distance rule at the time. Regularly change your gloves and mind your business a meter away. 

Cluttered Space Brings a Cluttered Mind

If this wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when you were bored let me remind you. Clean your shit up. I’m not saying this only because there is an outbreak outside, but it can also bring you peace of mind. Remember that one Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo? Add that to your watchlist and go through all the unnecessary items cluttering up your space. You may feel more motivated to be productive with those assignments you keep pushing aside. Take this on a more digital basis as well. Go through your memories and create more storage on your device. Back up those 4,000 photos that are preventing you from that IOS update. Afterwards, take some rose petals for a bath or cook your favorite meal. Best believe I did my Sunday cleaning before typing this post up. 

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Find Your Artistic Expression 

I’m sure my art lovers have already stocked up from their local JOANN fabrics (which is still open in my area so check yours). Maybe you were never even interested in any of the arts, but creativity sparks so many different forms of self-expression. You could always paint, draw, write poetry, or do crafts with your younger siblings. However, there is so much more you can do under the very large artistic umbrella. Graphic design, pottery, and making vision boards are just a few less broad activities. 


To my fellow bloggers who do not know they are bloggers yet, now is your time. This has been an amazing outlet for me. I hope you all find multiple outlets to keep yourselves occupied. Learn to enjoy your own company because there is nothing more empowering. We can gain more knowledge, patience, or peace of mind. We all may be experiencing additional stress from external factors of the virus. File for unemployment if you can, find other sources of income online, and budget as best as you can. We will only get through this together by staying apart. You are not stuck inside. You are safe inside. 

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