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With the world coming to a halt it can be hard to feel motivated to keep moving forward. Physical and mental practices are essential for our aspirations during this difficult time. Watching the media has been a great distraction. Let’s take our eyes off the screen or at least change the channel to a topic that is more positive. Today’s post takes inspiration from Just JKing’s “Hot Queen” crop top. Queens of color have always set many trends, but it is nice to see us profiting off them in fashion and beauty.


Spiritual Cleansing 

Everyone has been emphasizing the importance of  mental health, and self growth. We are all hoping to have this new birth feeling once we are free from our homes. With grocery stores still opened you are able to grab rose petals for your full moon baths, and order crystals online with free shipping.  A simple mix to try includes sage leaves, rosemary, and epsom salts to relax the muscles. Mix these ingredients all in boiling water and meditate with your affirmations in mind. Connect with your crown One's beauty and mind make up a queen's essence Make sure you care for your physical and mental crown

Crowned Beauty

    Of course the first indoor activity that came to mind to keep myself occupied is to try new hairstyles. I was lucky enough to work at a beauty supply store, so on my last stay I stocked up on as much as I could. These items consisted of protein treatments, color wax, freeze spray, and a new lace frontal. However, there were other methods I found online that did not involve seven packs of braiding hair. 

    There is always the big chop if you have dead ends that you need to let go of. Here is a list of more creative expressive hairstyles. Yarn (acrylic only) can also be used to twist into faux locs without matting into your hair. Our ancestors used yarn as the original protective style material instead of our modern kanekalon fibers. Color wax is a fun temporary hair color product that still gives curl definition. My personal favorite is by Style Factor, and it is a fun activity for my sisters. 

margarita isbell

Reclaiming Our Time  

May I take this opportunity to shine light on impactful women who have pushed boundaries for entrepreneurship. Black women who are the fastest growing entrepreneurs use the term “Girl Boss” to fuel this powerful female work ethic. A role model that comes to mind is none other than Madame CJ Walker. This woman was not only the first black female millionaire but the first American WOMAN millionaire. The series “Self-Made”  on Netflix just released Friday morning, so I suggest watching it if  you feel the weight of procrastination.

Madam CJ Walker is a refreshing inspiration for fellow working queens in the beauty industry. Especially when we spend almost $7.5 billion as consumers annually. In 2018, Forbes confirmed that black women owned firms grew at a drastic 164% rate. Unfortunately women of color in general have had a decrease in average annual revenue.  

Do not let these numbers fool you because many of these statistics do not include independent entrepreneurs with your usual LLC licensing. That means the young women selling lashes in dorm room 248 isn’t counted for. We see you, love your drive, and continue to thrive through what you love!  

hello everyone As I post on this blog I hope to reflect the many layers to beauty and explore topics around growth May we go through my youth together

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