Quarantined Out

Quarantined out COVID-19 is taking a lot from us

Look. I like being lazy but to an extent.

I can watch an episode then go to work or school but it's sad that I finished all three seasons of Black Lightning in one sitting. This “sTAy IN yOuR hOmEs” bullshit is blowing me. I can’t see any friends, friends with benefits, random guys I hooked up with and keep in my phone just in case, nothing… 

I don’t know about y’all but I’m out in Maryland and I fuckin' hate it...you know why?


We're in a state of emergency. We have to be in the house at a certain time, all stores either are closed for 2 weeks or close early, we can't be in a place with more than 10 people, and last but not least...more cops are out. I'm the chick with an iron foot so I be flyin' wherever I go(I'm safe...ish....). And I like cops as much as the other traumatized black person so they aren't my favorite and never will be. But it's really tempting to go 100+ on a straight road with no one around you...so tempting. Its like you know you shouldn't eat that last slice but its just sittin' there... Luckily I haven't had any issues...yet :)

Quarantined out how COVID-19 is ruining my life and my sanity


I’m stuck in the house with a 50 year old woman going through menopause, a moody 17 year old boy and I’m expected to what? Keep the polar opposites from killing each other? I THINK NOT. I’m not getting in the middle of that shit show. But where can I go? That’s right, say it with me. Y’all in the back too: NOWHERE.

Last but not least, Three 

I was supposed to be in Delaware doing hoodrat shit with my friends and guess what? Getting my guts rearranged by some A1, make a bitch crazy type shit… but noooooo. I’m stuck here, hairless, with my hair done, nails done everything did, on Netflix and Disney Plus looking like a polished ball of dirt in a hoodie(Specifically our Queen Shit Hoodie;get it now cause its cozy af) ... I’ve been planning this since January. Since the beginning of the year you guys and this COVID-19 mess just...ugh. 


My job told me that we’ll be closed for 2 weeks(with pay thank the lawd) but I really got used to being productive. I finally owned up to this “adult” lifestyle and had just about everyday full of activities. Work or school. Now absolutely nothing…what type of shit...

Now school, I’m cool with not going to. I’m in college with 4 classes, it’s easy. But for the others at 4 year schools with like 6+ classes, I expect y’all to go crazy. How are people supposed to study if they mama yellin' at them to get the remote? Library closed, coffee shops closed, any good place you can study...closed. 

Now on a serious note, I’m really worried about those people in abusive homes, people with toxic parents, people with mental health issues, and overall people without a home. These people have nowhere to turn. Campus was home for them and this virus really messed people up. 

For those who are struggling with anything, hang in there. Seriously, I know it seems hard but keep going. This is only a bump in the rest of your life, love. Chill out. Breath. Be safe.

Tips for COVID-19


But seriously it took a virus for people to be clean?


Ok introductions! Heyyy! I'm Jordyn. I'm 19 studying Culinary. My long term goal in life is to combine the two things I love and make them my career; making food and traveling. I love to make people smile and laugh because it's a beautiful thing to see. If you met me, yeah I'd be shy but when I'm comfortable...long story short crackhead with severe depression. I'm plus sized and happy af, positivity and self care are my specialties, and I'm actually nice. Meaning I have a big heart and will give if I have it. I have a pretty good taste in music and fun fact, I was named after Nia Long's character in The Best Man.

But that's all I have for now. Please comment on what you liked or didn't like. Give me feedback y'all. It really helps. Follow me on IG and Twitter @brown_royal_me Bye guys! Stay Safe!

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