Heart Eyes Syndrome

Heart eyes syndrome and how to get rid of it

Heart Eyes Syndrome is the ultimate time waster

Think about it. You’re single, having fun doing your thing and you find a nice guy or beautiful girl. You hit it off and for 2 weeks you go out on dates. You like what you hear and you think you’re ready to settle. Then boom! You find something you don’t like that triggers an immediate fall back. You see things you didn’t before and you’re ready to back out. Now you’re annoyed cause you could’ve gone to that party or hung out with your hoes. Your time was wasted. Your feelings were wasted. 

Heart Eyes Syndrome is an infatuation that happens because you understand you won’t be lonely anymore so you focus on the positive parts of your partner. Ignoring red flags until those 2 weeks are up. Now hold on a second. Single life is great. You do what you want and don’t have to worry about buying food for your partner. But that shit can get lonely. You can’t cuddle and feel safe in someone’s arms. You can’t confide in someone and get that comfort you crave. Being single is freedom from commitment but you can’t be vulnerable with another person in an intimate way.

heart eyes syndrome and what to do

Heart Eyes Syndrome can easily be avoided.

How? By taking your time with someone, getting to know them and fully understanding them as a person. You want to know the basics like ambitions, goals, dreams, moods, habits etc but more importantly how their mind works. If their mindset isn’t on your level, if it hasn’t matured, or it’s something you don’t see yourself dealing with then leave. Simple as that.  

Another thing is don’t ignore red flags. If they don’t wash their ass you gotta pass. Bad hygiene is one of my pet peeves because I don’t know how to tell someone they smell bad. It’s offensive no matter how you say it and I’m too nice. I’m not gonna sit there and suffer in silence because someone doesn’t brush their tongue or doesn’t get between the cracks and crevases in the shower. Also, if they do things you won’t tolerate. Naturally, you should have standards for yourself when dating like if he doesn’t open the door or if she doesn’t reciprocate what you’re putting in. Don’t settle cause you’re lonely. Please go find someone to hug or cuddle with. That’s why cuddle buddies exist.

When starting a relationship, it’s better to take things slow.

Y’all should talk, date, then date exclusively, and then get in a relationship. Talking is showing interest but you don’t cut off your hoes. Dating is spending time with them in private to test the waters but you still have your hoes on standby if shit goes wrong. Dating exclusively is when people know you’re seeing each other and your hoes are now gone. This is serious time and  a month at least should’ve passed. Lastly, is the relationship. It’s like looking for a house or a car. 

Lastly, you should really shove it in your mind that this person is a human being.  Everyone isn’t perfect so there will be bumps in the road if you do decide to continue. For me, I just got in a relationship and it’s going well. My beau did something that I didn’t particularly like and because my fall back game is on point, I jumped and landed with my own conclusions. Didn’t wanna talk, none of that. I was over it. But then he explained himself and me being the simple care bear I am, I moved past it and understood since the relationship is fairly new, we need to become more aware of the other. I was in my prime with my promiscuous phase and he got out of a relationship a month before. We aren’t used to each other yet. 

Heart Eyes Syndrome is something that can waste your time because it clouds your better judgement. The ways to stop it are simple and easy. Don’t ignore the red flags, understand that they are a human being and take your time. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Relax and read a book.

Read a book, drink some tea and relax in the Just JKing Rose Sweatshirt. Remind that guy or girl that CHIVALRY ISN’T DEAD. FLOWERS CAN GO BOTH WAYS TOO.


That’s all for me though. Until next week guys! Stay Safe! Stay Home!

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