Black Lives Matter: The Uprise

Let me get started on the purpose of this post right off the bat

It’s only June and we’ve been through hell and still are going through hell. January was a possible WW3, February was the Australian Wildfires, March to now was and still is the COVID-19 pandemic, we have murder hornets in the US, and now...we are in the middle of the biggest and most impactful time of the Black Lives Matter Movement. All of those innocent lives lost… only in the month of May and the number is still rising. Black people have been fighting for equality and the end of police brutality tooth and nail since I could remember. We’ve tried everything. Peaceful is out of the question now. Dr. King tried and the system still killed him. The black community is tired, exhausted and overall completely done with the racism and mistreatment of our race. Fuck that. By the way, excuse my ignorance if I don’t get all the facts. 

Personally, I’m fuckin scared

I’m afraid that nothing will come of this. All the protests, the people getting hurt and arrested, the people dying. I’m scared it all will be for nothing.  Honestly I am.  Freddie Gray was the last big spark out of the BLM movement and it died out. That was 5 years ago. What do we want to change specifically though? The laws, the police training duration, no more lethal weapons, what? I know racism will still exist because white people can’t get over the fact that we have a different skin tone. I don’t know why they’re so angry though...they brought us here and they’re surprised we want rights too. How the hell… Better yet everyone has something against black people. Hispanics, Asians, Indians, I don’t know about Native Americans (I think they’re just chillin on us cause they’re focused on themselves). Everyone has something to say but they profit off of us… Ugh. Yo even Africans dude. How are we the most hated worldwide and we don’t do shit but exist and try to survive?! 

But don’t get me started on the authority

How is your job to protect and serve if you don’t listen? GEORGE FLOYD TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO DIE AND YOU DIDN’T MOVE YOUR FUCKING KNEE! YOU RAN IN THE WRONG HOUSE WITHOUT A WARRANT AND SHOT BREONNA TO DEATH. THERE’S VIDEO OF AHMAUD JUST JOGGING AND GETTING MURDERED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT AND IT TOOK THE MEDIA TO PUSH FOR YOU TO MAKE AN ARREST. You see why we’re angry? Our people are getting murdered in cold blood because of racism, discrimination and prejudice. The cops don’t care. You know why? Cause they know they’re protected. They know they’ll get away with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of white cops were white supremacists. They make anyone a cop just like they give anyone a gun...I’m pissed. The LAPD went ahead and said over the radio “100 a nigger and 50 for all the mexicans you can kill. Come one come all.” THIS IS NOT A GAME. THIS IS NOT MODERN WARFARE OR CALL OF DUTY. Who am I supposed to call when I’m being harassed? Or when I’m hurt? Cause apparently I can’t even breath because of the color of my skin. If I have an issue why is it that the cop can act on impulse but I have to stand there and not react when there’s a gun in my face….?

These protests...are wonderful

I support them 1 million percent. Guy in DC who let all those protesters stay the night because I curfew, you’re the support we love to see and need. Cops that are kneeling and support the movement, I love that. Now for the ones that will support and turn right back around and shoot, taunt, mace, and taze the protesters...fuck you. You’re the problem. The riots...ARE STARTED BY THE FUCKING COPS. They’ll throw tear gas, push people who are just standing there saying hands up don’t shoot, will plant bricks and cars,  will yank up people laying on the ground or kneeling, will pepper spray elected officials, will even mace a fucking child… It’s crazy that it took this long for people to see how cops are terrorists. They’re using these “rubber” bullets that aren’t even rubber. They’re fucking metal with a rubber casing...they can kill you. Cops are even quitting because they’re given the order to use a lethal weapon. That’s how you know it’s fucked up. Oh yeah, there is no such thing as the right way to protest. Kaepernick got down on one knee and they said this isn’t the way to protest, Dr. King marched in Selma and they said this isn’t the way to protest, when celebrities said during award shows Black Lives Matter they said this isn’t the way to protest….so what’s the right way….hm?! Silence bitches?! I THINK NOT. RAISE HELL! BLACK PEOPLE BUILT THIS BITCH FOR FREE...WE WILL DAMN SURE TEAR IT DOWN. 

Let me explain something

The looters and people vandalizing places are usually white people. They want the clout on social media. They want to live out their sick anarchist dreams and are taking advantage of the movement and the “black people are violent” stereotype to do so. The only thing white people who support the Black Lives Matter movement and want to participate in the protests should do is stand in front of or lay down on top of the black people who are in front of the authorities. The media loves to twist the narrative. They see the spray paint on official buildings and put a black person's face. Even white people like to change the narrative. That white guy who blamed two african americans for fucking him up, got out of his car, aimed a bow at people and got fucked up by a crowd of white people…. Those two cop cars that pulled up to the protesters, CNN cut the part where they hit them out. MHM, don’t make your only source of information the news channels. Just like everywhere else, they’re still a business that will change the story for traction.

Now they’re calling the national guard and military assistance

You rather arrest thousands than just the cops who regardless of uniform are still people...ok. You wouldn’t need to bring in reinforcements unless you know what you’re doing is wrong. They’ve even been told to use live rounds and to shoot to kill. That’s why anonymous is gonna fuck yall up. I can’t be the only one excited that anonymous is back and on our side. Even with the government fearing them...and they’re with Black Lives Matter….wowww. By the way, Fuck Trump. He’s trying to declare martial law and take control of the US. Like a damn dictator… No one would have control except him. Martial law gives him the ability to militarize the nation and take away our rights. It’s not only blacks y’all. It’s everyone. Martial law will temporarily revoke all rights in the constitution sooo I’m pretty sure this will turn into something worse. It’s absolutely crazy.

Here’s some tips for protesters though

 If you wear contacts and don’t have anything else, wear goggles. They’ll keep the pepper spray and tear gas out of your eyes. Don’t wash out your eyes with milk. Use a liquid antacid 1 to 1 with water. It’s a little more sanitary and acts faster. Wear protective gear if they use rubber bullets. All the equipment they use as protection can be found on the internet. Riot gear is heavy so the police wearing them are like turtles. If you go to the bottom of their shield and push up as hard and fast as you can, they’ll fall and have a hard time getting up. Stay hydrated, wear a mask cause Ms. Rona is still here, and to cover recognizable features on yourself. Wear heat resistant gloves to return the tear gas to the sender! Save your videos on hard drives, take off face and fingerprint ID on your phone. Write the name and number of a local lawyer that supports the protests on your skin just in case of arrest. Leave your phone locked when taking video or pictures. 

Oh yeah one last thing...if anyone says all lives matter...sucker punch them for me. All lives matter is like everyone having a plate of food except the black person. The black person is hungry, deserves food and speaks up about it. Everyone at the table then says we’re all hungry and deserve this food completely ignoring the fact that one is without. Everyone has the food aka rights to a fair trial and the ability to be innocent until proven otherwise. Black people don’t. Based on our skin, the police become the executioner without a fair trial or jury. Slavery may have ended but racism hasn’t. You see the KKK still exists. 

I’m just tired

This is one of the reasons I don’t want to bring a child into this world. Yes I have a few years before marriage but it scares me to think that my son or daughter could hate themselves because the world doesn’t accept them due to the color of their skin. I don’t want my kid or kids to go through what I had to. I don’t want to have to teach my son not to wear a hoodie in public, don’t blast your music, be careful around white women, don’t put your hands in your pockets, don’t fight back against a cop even if they’re hurting you. I don’t want to teach my daughter that she is not a stereotype, that her features are not fashion, that her hair is not unprofessional, that she is not ugly. This world is cruel and I’m glad something is being done about it. I just want things to be fair for their sake.

That’s it for me though. Please be safe. Black Lives Matter. Fuck Trump. Fuck 12. Point blank period. Go ahead and support a black business though. Get the JKing Neck Gaiter Face Mask if you're going to a protest. Protect yourself from advanced facial recognition.

I might continue with this topic because new information is coming out everyday. I want you all to be informed. I'm probably gonna get on social media and spread more information.

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